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Texas Riff

This is a fast paced, blues lick written by scorpiopicker which was submitted on 30-06-2003

Description of this Lick by scorpiopicker

Texas shuffle lick with a pinch of jazziness, in the style of players such as SRV. Punch the first 3 chords sharply as you slide them down the neck, use a pick sweep or rake for the parts with the hammers, the x indicates muted string(s).Mute with first finger, rake muted strings with upstroke of your pick. When bending, pull string towards the ground while simultaneously catching the adjacent b-string with the same finger (ring) and pulling it ever so slightly as well. Quickly cut bend off as soon as a whole step bend is reached on g-string. The rest is an opportunity to show off that sweet vibrato you've worked so hard to perfect (or are still perfecting!) Make it shuffle! - Scorpiopicker-

The Tablature for this Lick